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My name is Rebecca Rice. I was born 1991, December 20th in Ontario, Canada. However, most of my life has been lived in Newfoundland, Canada. I currently attend College, studying Visual Arts.
My inspirations involve the supernatural and macabre, antiques, eras pasted (Medieval, Gothic, Rococo, Baroque, Victorian), nature, winter, androgyny, fashion, Goth subculture, horror, bones and anatomy, and anything else that catches my eye.
My favorite things to draw are those with a human form. The human form interests me so much! Wither it be a soft, delicate female form, or a hard, muscled and athletic male form, I love drawing it. I also enjoy combine traits of feminine and masculine to create extremely androgynous and even intersex creatures.
My mediums of choice are ink and watercolors, but I like dabbling in digital art as well. Aside from drawing, things I enjoy doing is makeup and photography.

I currently do not have anything set up for commissions, but if you are interested, I will gladly make something for you for a reasonable price. Just leave me a message in my ask box and I will get back to you as soon as I can. I would only take commissions by Paypal however.